Mix These 3 Ingredients And Put Them On Your Hair! You will not believe your eyes !!

Mix These 3 Ingredients And Put Them On Your Hair! You will not believe your eyes !!

Cinnamon not only that is aromatic and healthy it is also save alternative for all of the commercial chemicals for hair bleaching. Not only that it will help you make your hair lighter but it will make it glowing, softer and silky and in the same time it will smell great.
When we are talking about cinnamon hair mask you need to know that if you like to reach the hair color you like than you should strengthen hair follicles and to speed up their grow.

This is happening thanks to the fact that cinnamon is rich with vitamins and antioxidants. The best effect may be done in those that have brown hair and only with one treatment their hair will be lighter for 2 to 3 shades.

Brunettes should be more patient and to repeat the procedure several times and to have in mind that thanks to the structure and the hair color you can’t get any results. But you won’t lose if you try.

Needed ingredients:

3 tbsp honey
3 tbsp cinnamon
5-6 tbsp hair balsam
Process of preparation:

The amount of this mixture should be used on a long hair for one washing. If you have hair up to your shoulders than divide the mixture.
In a bowl mix the honey and cinnamon. Mix very slow in order to join the ingredients. When the mixture will combine add the hair balsam and then mix again.

At first wash your hair very well and when it will be half dry comb it and divide it in strands. Put the mixture with brush for hair dying and be careful to put from the mixture on every strand. If it is more comfortable for you you can apply the mixture with your hands and rub it in the hair. Be careful not to put on your face because you may experience mild redness or irritation. Also don’t put on the scalp.

When you apply the hair mask lift your hair and put it in a small bun. Put plastic bag on your head and wrap it with towel. Leave it for 30 min and then remove the towel and keep the plastic bag for 4 – 5 hours on your head. Than wash it with hot water. The result will surprise you and your hair will be lighter up to 3 shades.

If you want to make it even lighter than repeat this treatment several times. This hair mask suits and to those which have oily hair. If your hair is dry than add 1 tbsp of olive oil.

Warning: During the treatment it is natural to feel mild tingling and the mask has an effect only to natural hair not to dyed hair.

Source http://www.healthylifetricks.com

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