How to Remove Stretch Marks Naturally Within 6 Weeks

How to Remove Stretch Marks Naturally Within 6 Weeks

Skin condition characterized with tearing of the skin’s middle layer with profounder skin layers showing on the surface is called a stretch mark. It can be seen as silver-white marks. Generally they can be visible mostly at pregnant women, but we cannot blame only pregnancy for this condition. Stretch marks can affect both women and men. 

These marks are very stubborn and hard to fade away, although in some cases if not completely the skin will recover and the stretch marks will fade. So in order to help yourself and your skin to recover quickly here are some effective, proven natural remedies:

Oil Massage the Affected Area

Cod liver, olive, vitamin E, flaxseed or coconut oil are just some of the oils you can use for massaging the area where the skin is stretched to ease and tighten it up.

Exercise Regularly

Workouts are by far one of the best methods to reduce stretched skin marks. This is because exercise and activity will shape your body and increase your skin’s flexibility.

Drink Lots of Water

Our skin is consistent of 64% of water, which means that you need on a regular basis to keep your body hydrated and stay away from sodas and coffee.

Apply aloe-vera gel

Aloe-vera is a plant that has surprised everyone for its many health benefits over the years. It contains vital nutrients that are useful in treatment of numerous skin issues, similar to sunburns, wrinkles, pimple inflammation, cuts, and eczema. Likewise it is very effective against stretch marks. To make use of it for a torn skin, basically cut a leaf straightforwardly from the aloe plant and apply the gel on the influenced zone.


Dead skin cells are removed by exfoliation making room for new skin to show up.

There are many ways to remove stretch marks and be sure of that. You may try with creams and lotions promising you certain results which end up not as expected, instead try out the above natural remedies to create a healthy environment for your skin.


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