How Much Is an Air Hockey Table?

The air hockey game is increasingly becoming one of the favorite arcade games of both young and adult since its invention in the year 1969. This increase in the popularity of air hockey game is best shown in the skyrocketing sales of air hockey tables worldwide. Air hockey tables, however, come in different sizes and made. Some standard-size tables are 8 feet long or even longer, while some are small enough for kids to enjoy the game.

Types of Air Hockey Tables

There are also myriads of brands and models of air hockey tables on the market today. This makes it a bit difficult for prospective buyers to choose which model and brand would fit their playing needs and budget. Here is a guide on how to choose the appropriate table for your needs:

How Much Is an Air Hockey Table

If you are just a beginner, for example, you should choose a table that is just under 7 feet in length like those of the tabletop air hockey tables. This type of air hockey tables is perfect for kids and teenagers. It is also perfect for those with cramped spaces at home. It is removable and portable. Moreover, it is equipped with rubber feet. This air hockey table is surely a less expensive way of enjoying an air hockey game at home.

There are also regular-size air hockey tables. These tables are aplenty and are easily available on the market today. Their sizes vary from a mini table to a full-size table. They are more affordable than the arcade-style tables. However, they often do not have the electronic scoring panel, music, LED lights, and other accessories. Yet, these tables are best for those who want to improve their air hockey games.

Another type of air hockey table is the arcade-style air hockey table. Tables under this type are the real thing. They are sturdy, being made of stronger materials. They are built to last longer and are pricier than the abovementioned types of air hockey tables. They are also equipped with a scoring board and sound effects. Hence, if you are a competitive player who usually joins national and international air hockey competitions, then you should opt for this type of air hockey tables.

Consider Your Budget When Buying an Air Hockey Table

There are basically two factors that you should consider when buying an air hockey table. First, you need to consider your playing needs; second, you need to consider your budget. Your level of play and intention in playing air hockey are critical to your choice of an air hockey table. Of course, your budget is also important, but once you have figured out your playing needs, then you can always work hard to earn the necessary money in order to buy the table according to your needs.

Price Range of Air Hockey Tables

The prices of air hockey tables on the market today range from as low as $70 to as high as $8,000. Take, for example, the miniature Mainstreet Classics 35-inch Table Top Air Hockey table. It is only $70.52. It is good for your little kids who want to play air hockey. On the other hand, the price of an 8-foot long Fire Storm Home Air Hockey Table by Dynamo is around $6,599. This price discrepancy between these two hockey tables shows that the prices of air hockey tables exhibit a wide range. Moreover, you got a lot of options of air hockey tables to choose from, depending on your budget and playing needs. 

If you are a beginner, then you should go for an air hockey table that is not expensive and whose price may range between 100 to $500. However, if your skill is intermediate, you should go for a 7-feet long table. The price range of these tables for intermediate players is between $500 up to $1,200.

If you have an advanced skill, then you should opt for any of the arcade-style air hockey tables. These tables are meant for heavy banging and long hours of fast-paced play. They also feature a smooth playing surface, accurate deflection, and thick rink walls. Some brands in this category are sanctioned by the United States Air Hockey Association (USAA) and are 8 feet or more in length. Lastly, the price range of the tables under this category range between 1,200 to $8,000.  

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